The gorgeous cover for the Australian release of Tessa Lunney’s April in Paris, 1921 has just been revealed!

The novel will be released by HarperCollins Australia in mid-2018 and concurrently in the US by Pegasus Books.


Early reviews of April in Paris, 1921:

“Fascinating characters, beautifully written.”
Kate Williams, New York Times bestselling author of ‘Becoming Queen Victoria’

“Tessa Lunney brilliantly evokes the Années folles of the Roaring Twenties as her heroine―an Australian debutant-turned-nurse-turned-spy―Kiki Button traipses through Paris’s sensual bohemian culture hunting for a World War I mole and stolen Pablo Picasso painting.”
Julie McElwain, author of ‘A Murder in Time’ and ‘A Twist in Time’

“An irresistible debut! Adventurous and whip-smart, Kiki Button is Jazz Age Paris’s most dazzling ex-pat.”
David Krugler, author of ‘The Dead Don’t Bleed’

“Liberated from her wartime duties as a nurse, Kiki Button, Tessa Lunney’s main character of her debut April in Paris, 1921, is a gossip columnist-cum-detective who finds herself mixed up in a mystery set against the backdrop of post-WWI Paris. Lunney takes the reader on a breathless, page-turning journey through cafes, streets, and dark alleys of this Bohemian time period, searching for a stolen piece of art. Kiki, who is charming, self-possessed, and sexually free, is readable and fun, a modern woman blazing though the Années folles no holds barred.”
John Copenhaver, author of ‘Dodging and Burning’

April in Paris: Australian cover reveal + reviews