Sarah McKenzie
Editorial Director
Sarah has more than 15 years’ experience sitting on both sides of the publishing and writing table. She has worked as a Commissioning Editor, Consulting Publisher and Managing Editor, and has been employed as a freelance editor on print, online and multimedia projects. Sarah has also published a nonfiction book, while her short-form nonfiction has been published in most of the major Australian print and online news media, including The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Herald Sun, ABC’s The Drum,, Canberra Times and many more.
Michael Cortis
Business Director
Michael has worked in finance and business management for over 15 years, both in Australia and the UK. He has worked for a range of clients across a diverse breadth of industries, with a particular passion for the arts. He currently sits on the board of Melbourne’s Schoolhouse Studios, a space for emerging artists and creative businesses. He provides financial, contractual and business services to our organisation.

Why us?

  • We’re actively interested in new and emerging writers, taking time to read and carefully consider their proposals and championing new authors
  • We have more than a decade of experience in editorial development, shaping and polishing works for publishing success
  • We have strong networks within the publishing industry – essential for matching the right manuscript to the right publisher
  • We are skilled negotiators, using our understanding of publishing contracts and intellectual property rights to advocate on behalf of our clients
  • We believe that every author who submits a proposal to us deserves the chance to have their work read, and will benefit from the feedback and advice that arises from the process of viewing that manuscript
  • We believe in Australian authors – new and established – and enjoy working with them in collaborative, friendly partnerships to produce books that people will want to read