Critically-acclaimed author Ilsa Evans has published 13 novels across a range of genres, from light fiction and short stories to memoir and murder mystery. Her most recent novel is Dastardly Deeds (2016) and is the fourth installment in the Nell Forrest Mystery series (Momentum Books/Pan Macmillan). Two of her previous titles have been shortlisted for the prestigious Davitt (Sisters in Crime) Awards.

Ilsa’s first Young Adult novel, Stratification, will be published by Harbour Publishing House in early 2018. The sequel, Revolution, will be published later in 2018.

Ilsa als teaches creative writing students, writes social commentary and has been published in several newspapers and online journals. In 2011, she received the Eliminating Violence Against Women (EVA) Award for online journalism.

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Praise for Ilsa Evans’s books:

“[Broken] is a compelling and disturbing book … Ilsa Evans delivers a beautifully composed novel that will haunt you.” Good Reading Magazine

“Terrifying, moving, compelling, important, enlightening, and deeply, deeply upsetting.” Sunday Telegraph

“[Sticks & Stones] will make you think differently about the things that happen behind closed doors. … [the book] will stay with you for a long time.” Mamamia

“This month’s must-read.” Cosmopolitan

“Evans’s narrative structure is brilliant.” Sunday Mail Brisbane

“An extraordinarily powerful book that builds into a suspenseful drama … as gripping as the finest thriller.” Australian Women’s Weekly, Book of the Month


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